I’m looking for a new job (refer back to item #1 in “Things that make my brain hurt”) and trying to find a decent posting in the sea of classifeids is like sifting for gold in an ashtray. One that caught my attention today had me do a triple-take at my laptop screen (not something I look away from often these days) when I read one under “Jobs > Sales, Retail Sales” that was titled “Are You Sick of Being a SLAVE ?”


Although I made an entry earlier that drew a parallel between call centers and Azkaban, I was only being a dick about my work because I got bitched at all day. But really, is that a real thing that someone made a proposition for a job like that?

I just don’t think I’d have access to the JOBS classifeids on KIJIJI if I were a SLAVE. That is all.


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